Byron Fredericks is an Artist and Creative Director based in New York. His work revolves around capturing moments of beauty in ordinary life, a process that grounds everything in real human emotion. His array of media includes photography, ceramics, paintings, drawings and functional designed objects.

Byron Mark Fredericks’ (b.1992)
"Chromatic Kinship: A Celebration of Family and Community"

As a South African artist of color, my work is an exploration of identity, community, and the vibrant tapestry of family bonds. In the rich hues and patterns that adorn my canvases, I find inspiration from the traditional colors and motifs of Africa, weaving a narrative that transcends time and speaks to the essence of my cultural roots.

Central to my artistic practice is the use of family photos and the depiction of family members as subjects. These images serve as a visual diary, capturing moments of shared joy, hardship, and the collective spirit that defines our community. By reinterpreting these personal snapshots, I aim to create a universal language that resonates with viewers, inviting them to connect with the humanity that binds us all.

Color, for me, is a powerful language—a dynamic force that transcends words and communicates directly to the soul. My high affinity for color is a deliberate choice, drawing from the kaleidoscope of hues found in traditional African textiles, ceremonies, and everyday life. Each stroke of pigment is a nod to the diverse palette that defines my heritage, expressing the vibrancy and resilience of my people.

The gestural mark-making in my work serves as a dance of emotions—a rhythmic exploration of the complexities within familial relationships and community dynamics. Through bold strokes and expressive lines, I seek to convey the energy, passion, and interconnectedness that define our shared experiences. In each composition, layers of meaning unfold, inviting viewers to decipher the intricate dance of figures and forms that mirror the intricate social fabric of our community. My art is a celebration of resilience, a testament to the strength and beauty inherent in the stories of my ancestors and the narratives of my present. It serves as a bridge between the past and the present, a visual dialogue that acknowledges the struggles and triumphs of those who came before, while also embracing the evolving identity of our community today.

In exploring the representation of my community, I am mindful of the stereotypes that often shape external perceptions. Through my art, I challenge these preconceptions and offer a nuanced portrayal that captures the full spectrum of human experience within my cultural context. It is an act of reclaiming narratives and asserting our agency in shaping the stories that define us.

Ultimately, my work is an invitation—a colorful journey into the heart of South African culture, a celebration of family ties, and a testament to the strength that emerges when individuals come together as a collective. In each brushstroke, I hope to convey the enduring spirit of my community, leaving an indelible mark that speaks to the shared humanity that unites us all.


Group Exhibition, The Subject is Ceramics, Leon Benrimon Gallery, May 2023, Los Angeles, USA

Solo Exhibition, Van Die Kaap Af, Jy. Homme Gallery, September 2022, Washington D.C, USA

Group Exhibition, Joy Ride, Paradise Palace,
January 2020, New York, USA
Solo Exhibition, Chappies Laapies, Plankroad Gallery, October 2021, New York, USA

Group Exhibition, Group Show 2, Serving The People, January 2020, New York, USA

Group Exhibition, Unresolved Category, Gallery MOMO, July 2019, Cape Town, RSA

Solo Exhibition, Dala What You Must!, 666 Broadway, May 2018, New York, USA

Group Exhibition, Out of Nowhere, Smith Gallery, May 2017, Cape Town, RSA

Solo Exhibition, Lekker Lekker, Beijing Opera,
September 2016, Cape Town, South Africa.
Group Exhibition, A New Wave, Southern Guild,
August 2016, Cape Town, South Africa.
Group Exhibition, Aaron Bondaroff curated show, East Hall Gallery, Pratt Institute,
May - June 2016, Brooklyn, USA.
Solo Exhibition, Don’t Be ‘n Bietjie Duh, East Hall Gallery, Pratt Institute,
May 2016, Brooklyn, USA.
Group Exhibition, It Is What It Is, No End Contemporary,
March 2016, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Group Exhibition, That Art Fair,
March 2016, Cape Town, South Africa.
Group Exhibition, Between10and5, Travel Exhibition,
March 2016 Cape Town, South Africa.
Group Exhibition, Between10and5, Travel Exhibition, First Thursdays, Fourthwall Books,
February 2016, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Group Exhibition, Cape Town Art Fair,
February 2016, Cape Town, South Africa.


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b.1992 Cape Town, South Africa. Lives and works in New York. Graduated from Pratt Institute in 2016.


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